Book Reviews #2!

18 Mar


I’ve finished a few more books lately, and I can honestly say that I am not really inspired by what I’ve been reading… I ordered some free/really reduced books off of the Kobo site. Sometimes you do get what you pay for…

The first book I read was “Margarita Nights” – by Phyllis Smallman. It was a terrible read. It jumped way too much and didn’t always make sense to me. Also – what’s with typos in e-books? This is a HUGE pet peeve for me. I often find a typo or two in every book I read, but I find the number of typos in e-books to be insane! I would fully volunteer to read e-books for free in return for pointing out the spelling mistakes! If someone can make that happen, I will be very happy. Happy to make readers happy.

Then I read “The Strange Case of Finley Jane” – by Kady Cross. I must have been asleep when I downloaded this book… asleep or blind. What is wrong with me? I downloaded what can only be described as a futuristic novel that takes place in the past. I also clearly didn’t read the description that lists the genre as “Harlequin, Teen.” WTF was I thinking? Not a hell of a lot.

Then, I made the mistake of buying a book I had already read before. Shit. The problem was that it was a book I had borrowed from my mom, which she had borrowed from the library. So when I went to check if I owned it, I couldn’t find it. But then I discovered a picture of myself reading it while on a trip to Boston. Mystery solved. “Beautiful Lies” – by Lisa Unger is a book I never paid to read that I have now paid to NOT READ.

I finished reading the second book about smart people saving the world with their brains “Crude Deception.” Nothing special, but certainly the best of the three! The historical aspect is interesting.

I’m leaving for Vegas on Thursday, and so in preparation I have purchased REAL books that I am looking forward to reading:

  • Taking People With You:The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen – by David Novak. He’s the CEO of Yum! Brands and a really interesting person to read about. I’m looking forward to adding to my non-fiction list. Since this is my industry of choice it doesn’t hurt to read about other people’s success.
  • The Hidden Child – by Camilla Lackberg. She writes interesting thriller/mysetry novels. I’ll let you all know how it goes. I’ve only read one of her books The Ice Princess and I really enjoyed it.
  • Call Me Princess- by Sara Blaedel. Still tearing up the blood/death/torture books. Really not into any of the lovey-dovey shit.

Vegas will bring on some exciting stuff to discuss in my adventure! section. Namely the trip we are going to take to The Gun Store. First come, first served indoor shooting range.

I didn’t eat/cook anything very exciting this week, so I apologize for not having too much to write about.

Happy Sunday!

Please comment – good or bad! I don’t want to feel like I am writing to myself. That’s what my diary is for.

One Response to “Book Reviews #2!”

  1. thejewishone April 9, 2012 at 7:51 pm #

    I really love the book reviews because I’m an avid reader! Keep them coming. I have a great book when you are ready for the lovey dovey crap again! It’s really good.

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