Adventure #2! Back from Vegas and other anecdotes

6 Apr

Sorry for taking so long to post an update, but I’ve been suffering from post-vacation let down. I honestly had an amazing 5 days in Vegas! Met some super people, ate some awesome food. Practiced flirting. Stole a sweatshirt… It was just what I needed.

The trip stared with shopping till I dropping! I bought some cute things and got to wearing them right away in Vegas. I could have come down with way less clothes had I known… I didn’t NEED most of what I bought, but I was really happy to bring it all home with me. And I’ve now made myself a promise to NOT SHOP until July. NO MORE SHOPPING.

If you check out my latest FOOD post you can read about my 5 days of gluttony. But the main purpose of the trip was ADVENTURE.

Receiving instructions from J.R.

I’m proud that I’ve been able to cross one item off my list of things to do in 2012. I went to The Gun Store and shot a Glock 19. It was the scariest, most amazing experience. Wow. My hands are generally pretty shaky, but this took hand shaking to a whole other level. Understand, I’m not a violent person. This was WAY beyond my comfort zone, and anything I thought I would ever do. I don’t condone violence.

My friends and I got up early in the morning and hopped in a cab and went off for our adventure. I chose the Glock 19 a) because it was part of the cheaper handgun package (I wasn’t spending $150 to shoot a machine gun twice the size of me) and b) because a range master told me to. Now obviously, I don’t always do things because people tell me to, but in this case I figured I would defer to an expert!

We were assigned to a range master – his name was J.R. He didn’t seem to fully appreciate my “Who Shot J.R.?” reference, but I think it’s mostly because he was about 22 years old (but look at those ARMS!!!) J.R. was really great to us, explained the rules – for example: If you get freaked out, whatever you do, DON’T WAVE THE GUN AROUND! These guys are all packing heat and they’ll shoot you if they have to…

Stand with your legs shoulder width apart, right leg slightly behind you, close your left eye, aim, pull the trigger. HOLY SHIT. 20 shots go off much faster than you would think. We were all finished our turns within 30 minutes.

Now the room – it smells like gun powder and is VERY noisy. The boy (he was 12) next to us was shooting gun after gun, including machine guns (his parents bought him a special package). He was standing on a riser because he wasn’t tall enough to use the guns properly! Boy, that was so strange to watch! But he got a .22 for Christmas, so he was really into the culture. I was into my pink, noise-cancelling headphones.

After the adrenaline of gun shooting wore off, we were ready for TribeFest. The fest for the Tribe. 1,500 Jews in the desert. I had a great time, made some new friends, got closer to old friends, managed to get myself a Detroit sweatshirt, and had a date with a cute orthodontist all in the span of 2.5 days. Girl’s gotta move fast! Who knows what will come of any of it, but I am happy to have made some new, great friends!

The most rewarding part of TribeFest was going to read to kids in some of the poor neighborhoods, and bringing books to give to the kids to take home. They loved having people spend time with them, and hear about their lives, brothers, sisters, pet snakes (Isaiah had a pet snake – or so he says), 30 pairs of running shoes…

And now I’m back. And planning more “Things I Must Do In 2012.” I’m adding: See Newsies on Broadway before the show ends in August 2012. If you’ve known me for a long time, you know that Newsies has got to be one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies and this year, it opened on Broadway with a limited run. I’m trying to get my shit together to make that happen around my birthday, at the end of June.

Please comment – good or bad! I don’t want to feel like I am writing to myself. That’s what my diary is for.

2 Responses to “Adventure #2! Back from Vegas and other anecdotes”

  1. Steph April 6, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    Hey miss! You are going to absolutely LOVE Newsies as long as you’re ok with a few changes from the movie version. I went during previews for MY birthday at the end of September. I have a connection for tickets. Call me 😉

  2. Linda April 7, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    In true form Tamara tries to do it all in a short period of time, I guess there could be worse things that you have on your bucket list like maybe sky diving……………………..Please do not listen to your MOM!!!!!!!

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