Online Dating #4! Honesty.

23 Apr

Yes - that is an ad that says "Jewish? Want a Rich Man?"


I mentioned in my last post, that I made a statement about being honest to all potential suitors. I am staying true to my word. I’ve realized that sometimes I use humour too. And I don’t know if it comes across as funny or mean.


This week I received the following message: I like your face.


First of all – what does that mean? One of my closest friends calls me all the time and tells me she misses my face. I’m ok with that. We’ve been friends for ten years. She can pretty much say whatever she wants to me. But what does it mean when a complete stranger says: I like your face.



2 [lahyk]    Show IPA verb, liked, lik·ing, noun


verb (used with object)

1. to take pleasure in; find agreeable or congenial: We all liked the concert.

2. to regard with favor; have a kindly or friendly feeling for (a person, group, etc.); find attractive: His parents like me and I like them.

3. to wish or prefer: You can do exactly as you like while you are a guest here.


Hmmm… I suppose my face can be thought of as an object… I do find it strange that someone would use this as an opening line. Perhaps he’s a very big Beatles fan and wants to test my musical knowledge of the song “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da Life Goes On, Brah! Lalala Life Goes On.” I love the Beatles… My ex may have temporarily ruined them for me, but I’m back on them now. And I did love the show “Life Goes On.” So who knows…


Now, since the statement “I like your face” doesn’t mean very much, I decided to respond with a simple “Thank you. My parents gave it to me.” Short, simple, factual. He didn’t ask me anything. He didn’t ask to meet me. He didn’t tell me anything about himself. And while his profile doesn’t attract me in the least, I still felt like I had to answer.


The response I got was: Well, they did a great job. I’m just wondering when I’LL get the opportunity to create a brand new person with a great face and a good heart.


Hmmmm… Is that a statement? A question? I don’t know… I mean, this gentleman clearly wants to procreate and that’s lovely. Strange to say after telling me you like my face, though.


My response: I’m sorry that I am not a fortune teller. I can’t provide you with that information.


To be honest, I’m a little bored of “The Site.” It was entirely a WASTE of $70. I could have bought a new pair of jeans with that money. Or put it towards a new watch. Or anything. So I joined Plenty of Fish. My friend sent me a text about how many messages she gets and how it’s out of control. She’s not kidding! I had about a dozen messages within an hour. It’s slowed down since then. Most messages are from weirdos… Weird weirdos.


But I did learn something new! DTF. That was the message I received yesterday. Do you know what that stands for? I was pleased to know that I wasn’t the only one in the dark… DTF stands for DOWN TO FUCK. Yup folks… That’s the message I received. And I answered. My answer was: No.


There will be more to come re: POF (that’s what it’s called in some circles). There’s one potential guy on the whole site… We’ll see if he responds and whether we ever meet. For the most part, they are weirdos – OR (Surprise) the same guys from “The Site.”




Since I commented about Girls last week, I figured I’d add my two cents again. I like this episode a lot more than last week’s. I found it a lot more relatable! The scene where Hannah is freaking about STDs? Now who hasn’t had a moment like that, or had to rush to a friend’s house while they were having a melt-down, or gone with a friend for the morning-after pill, or to get a pregnancy test? These are all possibilities… And that Adam guy? We’ve all had a bf/non-bf like that before.


Please comment – good or bad! I don’t want to feel like I am writing to myself. That’s what my diary is for.

3 Responses to “Online Dating #4! Honesty.”

  1. Steph April 24, 2012 at 12:43 am #

    The way I see it, it’s like the guy who prays and prays to God to win the lottery. And God’s thinking to Himself “wow, I’d really like to grant his wish, but you know- it would help if he’d bother to go out and buy the darn lottery ticket!” In other words – very nice that this guy likes your face and wants the opportunity to make babies with said face or likeness of face – but he might want to start with ASKING YOU OUT ON A DATE. sheesh. xo

  2. A April 24, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    I can’t see all of your post for ‘One Response to “Online Dating #4! Honesty.”’ I only see the last paragraph. The suspense!!!!

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