Adventure #3! Adventure update.

29 Apr

So I started this blog in March, and I’ve scratched one item off the list and added five. It appears that I need to start crossing things off the list or I’ll never catch up! Work has been so crazy and that’s not an excuse for not keeping up with all the excitement I am supposed to start experiencing…

Also – I’ve been skipping the gym and eating too much bread, rice and pasta. But I am making the commitment to start treating myself better as of tomorrow. I have a bridesmaid’s dress to fit into in a month, and I’ll have trouble doing it if I keep eating crap!

I'm going to pretend that's me enjoying a run by the beach that's right next to my house.

To update on my adventure items, I have a friend who’s a runner. He’s participated in marathons and even a triathlon! He’s thinking about starting some sort of side business that is connected with running, so I have volunteered to be his guinea pig and he will teach me how to run. When I go to Boston for work the next time, I will pick up a proper pair of running shoes. Plus it has to stop SNOWING! I’d like to learn to run when it’s above 0 and I can wear a t-shirt. There’s no way I’d be comfortable running in the cold, or rain, yucky.

I’ve gone online, and I’ve discovered there are MANY sites devoted to Guy Fieri’s Triple D. I’m trying to create a route through New England – a road trip that can be done during a long weekend and doesn’t involve getting on an airplane and spending too much $$. I’ve got a whole bunch of friends who are interested in joining and I say – the more the merrier! I will pick the weekend that works best and hopefully we’ll be at least one car full of people.

For the dating – I haven’t been doing too much of it, and I’m working on a new post because honestly – I never cease to be amazed by the complete morons that are allowed to breathe the same air as me.

For something fun – I suggest reading the following: The Grandma Letter. This nice little Nonna took the time to write her granddaughter a loving letter full of sage advice about how to handle men. If you don’t have a laugh, then I am sorry but you have no sense of humour.

Also – I’m getting VERY tired of talk radio. The only thing people in Montreal have to talk about lately is the student strike and while it’s certainly important the only thing it accomplishes is getting me in a rage and all worked up. If only I didn’t spend hours a week in the car.

Finally – I saw a REALLY funny movie last night Think Like a ManI read Steve Harvey’s book about 3 years ago after I saw him on Oprah and laughed so hard that I started crying. I had low expectations for this film, but I had read some really great and surprising reviews. If you have a chance, go see it. You will laugh hard and maybe learn a thing or two. If you’ve already read the book, you probably won’t learn much, but there are plenty of good looking people to stare at and it’s VERY funny (which I’ve mentioned more than once in this short paragraph). This movie taught me that if I am a COO I might find myself a talented chef who will put roses all over my bed and feed me while we lounge on the floor… apparently the bed isn’t comfortable.

Please comment – good or bad! I don’t want to feel like I am writing to myself. That’s what my diary is for.

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