Cooking/Food #4!

6 May

G’day mates!

I decided to live a little, and I submitted my awesome mango salad to the weekly Food52 (if you’re not a fan of this site you will be!) contest which happens to be MANGOES! We’ll see if anyone even looks at it, but it was kind of thrilling just to submit a recipe! I’ve also decided to submit recipes as often as possible! If you’d like, you can go see my first “published” work online by clicking HERE. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win a prize! My recipe has been viewed a little over 70 times already, so that’s kinda cool.

I didn’t have a wild eating week. On Tuesday, I had dinner with a friend and we had a great time catching up (more about that in my next dating entry). We went to Jukebox burgers for dinner and I ordered a burger with no bun. I don’t know why I get a funny look every time I do that. It is possible to eat a burger with a fork and a knife… And ordering the lettuce bun makes eating a burger really messy…

My burger consisted of a 1/2 lb patty, grilled salami, caramelized onions, BBQ sauce and heartburn. It was really tasty, but I paid for it when I got home and felt like I had a brick in my stomach for the rest of the day. We also ordered onion rings and sweet potato fries. They were ok, but to be honest neither really “did it” for me. I’m still a McDonald’s french fries kind of girl.

Speaking of McDonalds… Don’t let their new fruit smoothies fool you. They taste good, and the ads have pretty, fresh fruits in them, but each one packs a WHOPPING 42 grams of sugar – for the SMALL. That’s like drinking a can of Coca-Cola (12oz can) which has 39 grams of sugar… but I digress.

Other than that, food was pretty boring… The week was really crazy. I did however buy new dishes and bowls last weekend and so I was really happy to put my breakfast on them this morning. Fresh, warm Montreal bagels, because let’s be honest there’s no other bagel that even comes close. Mangoes and strawberries. Delicious cream cheese mixed with green onions.

Thanks to J for bringing me nourishment while I was suffering from a terrible migraine headache, and for the Tylenol for migraines with caffeine. I’m finally coming out of the fog and feeling human again. Ready to watch episode #4 of Girls!

Please comment – good or bad! I don’t want to feel like I am writing to myself. That’s what my diary is for.

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