Online Dating #6

6 May

On Tuesday night, I had dinner with a friend of mine and we compared POF stories. She’s experiencing momentary success from the site and I couldn’t be happier! The guy seems very nice so we’ll see how it goes. While comparing stories, and POF messages, we realized that one particular gentleman had sent us both EXACTLY THE SAME MESSAGE. How creative…

I sent him the following message: Hi Paolo. A small tip for your future dating success. Please send women different messages so that when we compare notes we don’t think we aren’t good enough for more than a copy/paste. Good luck with school, and with finding that someone special.

The response: lol most of you don’t answer why should we bother I’ve met 3 girls this week with this message. sorry bella if women weren’t so stuck up and at least answered to say you weren’t interested then you’d be worth the effort. good luck. ciao.

Three chicks in one week! WOW! He’s a lucky dude… And his un-punctuated reply, OUCH. That stings…

I have gone on ZERO dates this week. I’ve received some rather boring messages. One gentleman asked if he could send me a picture because his profile didn’t have one. I said sure, but warned him that I wasn’t interested in receiving pictures of his penis. Apparently this is a very popular thing on POF… Men sending close-ups of their goods. Note to men: Generally, we don’t find penises to be your most attractive body part. You’d be far better served sending us a close-up of an eyeball…

I had one conversation with a gentleman who I wasn’t particularly interested in, but the banter was funny. And then all of a sudden, randomly he sends me: “I want to be sweet to you and seduce you.” Honestly, I was repulsed. I know that if I found him remotely attractive, I may have sung a different tune, but really? Our conversation wasn’t even remotely romantic. All I could say was: “Really? WTF?” His response: “Yeah babe. I’m for real.” BABE! Ich. I can’t even describe how much that grosses me out. I don’t love being called babe on a good day, and certainly not by someone I’ve never met who isn’t attractive either.

There’s another guy who I wrote back once or twice and have told him that I am not interested, but he keeps writing. And he keeps writing everyone I know too! It’s so strange. I will have to write him again and let him know that I’m not interested, but he keeps sending me POF flowers and telling me how gorgeous I am (yup, I’m gorgeous… I know it) even when I don’t answer him.

On a bright note, I cleaned out my linen closet, and therefore all the ghosts of relationships past. No more memories from my last two, back-to-back relationships. I had a moment. I called my closest friend and I asked him “What do I do with all this stuff?” His answer was to take it all and throw it away. And I did. No regrets. My linen closet is now ready to hold new memories! While I was doing the cleaning, I found written on a piece of paper a lovely quote about love:

“It’s a funny thing about love. It’s the most fragile thing in the world. Like a soap bubble, lovely, buoyant. And then one day it bursts and it’s as though it never existed.” – from Seasons of the Heart, by Cynthia Freeman.

My next dating entry will be an interview with my friend “M.” He’s asked if he can provide a male perspective and I will give him the chance. You’ll have to give me some feedback, because if you like the idea of the interviews I will start conducting them once a month and will change the topic each time!


Review of Girls episode #3

I’m a little late on this, but I need to keep up. I watched the show last week, but had already posted so this review had to wait. Again, I’m enjoying the show and while I won’t comment too much about what happened (poor Hannah finding out her ex was gay) I will say that I absolutely loved the last scene when Hannah was alone in her room dancing to Robyn’s Dancing on my Own. I actually dance to that song ALL THE TIME (by myself). It’s actually one of my favorite pre-bedtime dance tunes. Another one that’s really great: Call Your Girlfriend. I would like to point out that my love for Robyn’s music has been going strong for years, ever since her uber-catchy Show Me Love from 1997.

I’m making a prediction – Marnie’s going to cheat on her really lame boyfriend Charlie with the artist.

Review of Girls episode #4

Episode opens with Hannah getting a text of her bf/non-bfs penis. Ha! It’s like I have ESP or something. With a text that says sry wasn’t for you! OMG! Poor Hannah. She’s not that smart… And now she’s sending him a naked picture. This isn’t going to go well… At least she got a job – with an extremely pervy boss who sexually harasses every woman in the office. Oh goodness! Her eyebrows! But at least her boss admits to being a touchy guy.

Ew! Why is Charlie’s friend going through Hannah’s room. He’s an awful human being. Living alone means no one goes through your shit.

Back to Hannah. I’m glad her colleagues are encouraging her to have self-respect.

Oh Shoshanna.

I love that Hannah claims to not want a boyfriend, but only wants someone “who wants to hang out all the time, who thinks I’m the best person in the world and who only wants to have sex with me.” But she is speaking to him with self-respect and I hope that she really does dump him by the time I finish typing this. NOOOOOOO!!!!!! NOW I HATE HER. I can’t believe she just caved. She’s a stupid, stupid girl.

Oh oh… Charlie has a song called “Hannah’s diary.” I’m glad no one has ever read my diary. My mom admits to stealing a peak once and then being so freaked out by whatever 16 year old me had to say that she never looked at it again. But I think Hannah and Marnie are in a fight now…

If you’re not watching this show yet. Watch it. If you have Videotron and access to the HBO/Movie Network package, you can watch all the episodes On Demand.

Night night. Time to rest up for another cray-cray week. Yup. I just said cray-cray.

I believe I will have booked my Newsies tickets this week, so one step closer to crossing another item off the list.

Please comment – good or bad! I don’t want to feel like I am writing to myself. That’s what my diary is for.

2 Responses to “Online Dating #6”

  1. Val Stoian (@ValStoian) May 7, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    Your writting is my favorite!! Another Solid Entry T!

  2. Steph May 10, 2012 at 12:53 am #

    Caught myself sofa-dancing to Robyn the other night – tho’ she could use some accent reduction in the ‘r’ department. Loved the quote about love and bubbles – I will never look at soap bubbles quite the same way again – and trust me, in my line of work – I look at a LOT of bubbles! Ooh – I wonder who the mysterious ‘M’ is – can’t wait!

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