Adventure #4! Something other than dating.

22 May

The adventure part of my life has been lacking a little bit, but I’m setting some things up in order to be able to check off some items on my list this summer.

1. Newsies tickets are booked. On June 23rd, I’ll be making that wish come true and I am very excited! I have to be out of town for work for the better part of two weeks, and so I’ll be making a quick trip in and out of NYC in order to see the show. This 24 hours has the potential to be good, great, or completely catastrophic! More to follow if necessary.

2. Cake baking. I’m throwing myself a birthday brunch this year. No crazy night on the town that I don’t remember and that takes me 3 days to recover from. I’m thinking bagels, lox, cream cheese, mimosas, frittatas, and CUPCAKES! I’m giving myself a goal. By mid-July I will have made my first set of cupcakes – with icing decor. No Betty Crocker allowed. I went to one of my FAVOURITE sites: Food52 and chose THIS recipe. I don’t like chocolate, so this seems like a great starter. Plus, I am a sucker for sprinkles.

3. Dogs. I still want a Mini Schnauzer. I check on a weekly basis to see what’s out there. Every time I see someone walking their Mini Schnauzer on the street I want to knock them over and steal their dog. I’m hoping to have one by September.

4. Teaching classes. I’ve applied to teach several classes and I’m waiting to hear back. I am hoping that I will have one class under my belt within the next year. In fact, I’m printing out a second application and posting it today!

As an aside, I really dislike Katherine Heigel. I’ve made this statement before, and I’m sure many of you share the sentiment with me, but really. She sucks. She ruins relationships. Changes what people believe should be reality. Movies are NOT reality and she sucks. I’m currently watching Killers, because it’s on TV and gives some background noise. Sorry to Aunty A and T – I know you love her. I. Do. Not. Her movies also suck. Starring in a movie with her could be a career killer. Her husband is good looking though…

5. When I go on my business trip to the US, I will buy myself a good pair of running shoes. No sense in buying them here when I can get them for way cheaper in the US. Then I will run. Sounds like procrastination… It is!

And while, it’s not on my list of things to do, I took a Burlesque dance class on Saturday at my friend’s bachelorette party. I’m afraid that I’ve confirmed I will never be a Burlesque dancer, or a stripper… I’m really just not graceful in the least! But I did it. Nothing too sexy about a dozen women sweating in a dark room with no a/c. We all went home and scrubbed our feet afterwards.

Please comment – good or bad! I don’t want to feel like I am writing to myself. That’s what my diary is for.

2 Responses to “Adventure #4! Something other than dating.”

  1. Steph May 22, 2012 at 11:42 pm #

    I’ve said this once but I will say it again – you get that doggie, and I’ll be visiting your home every day!! Consider yourself warned! Also, tell us more about what you’re looking to teach – sounds like quite the exciting challenge 🙂


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    […] I mentioned in a previous entry, I was gearing up to bake something from scratch for the first time. Now, those who know me know […]

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