Adventure #5! This isn’t really about adventure……

4 Jun

Warning: This post will not be remotely adventurous, but as life itself is an adventure, I thought I’d put my words here.

Last week was wonderful and CRAZY busy.

This year, I participated in a Leadership Development Program. We met once a month and had various topics to discuss, guest lecturers, and more. It was a wonderful experience where I met like-minded people with whom I now share wonderful memories. We had our graduation last Wednesday and I made myself cry. At the start of the course we wrote ourselves letters and at the last session, we were given those letters to read to ourselves. This is what I wrote to myself back in September:

Dear Tamara

Congratulations on it being one year from now (I didn’t know when we were getting them back). You’ve used this time to develop skills and also nurture relationships that will take you to the next stage in your life. Hopefully you’ve decided what part of the community interests you the most and will be taking an active role. Also, after stepping away slightly from Judaism, I hope this year has brought you closer to something that would have made Zayda very proud of you Non-course related – get engaged or something. That would be nice. But back to the course, as all things are new right now professionally as well, use what you learn at work.

Love you, me.

It’s funny, because when I was handed the letter the only thing I remembered writing myself was that stupid sentence about being engaged. I mean, it was a nice wish I suppose, but was definitely unrealistic at the time. I may as well have written that I was hoping to be 5’5 before the class was over. Also unattainable. I was pretty peeved that I didn’t remember writing any of those other things because they were pretty meaningful. And they all came true. I do like myself. I’ve nurtured relationships, I’ve become more engaged within my community and I know that my Zayda would be very proud of the person that I am. And I even got to put some things to use at work.

So to the me I was 8 months ago – you were pretty cool, pretty fun, damn smart. Now you’re just awesome.

One Response to “Adventure #5! This isn’t really about adventure……”

  1. Steph June 4, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

    I love the new awesome Tamara…but I’m pretty sure I would’ve loved the old Tamara too. Xo

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