Online dating #12! Keep reading for the punchline.

11 Aug

Last night, on the way to dinner I heard a great story. My friend’s friend had gone on two dates with a girl he had met online.

Date #2 involved dinner at his place and some good old-fashioned sexy times.

He then received a text letting him know that she wasn’t interested, she wished him all the best and that he wasn’t for her. He then wrote her a message that made my friend exclaim “OMG you are never sending a text again without running it by me first.” He was VERY upset.

  • Who behaves that way?
  • I really liked her!
  • What do I do now?
  • That’s so rude!
  • She should have had the decency to call!
  • What a bitch!

And my response: My friend. You got Boyd/Boyed (I am still unsure of how I would like to spell my new term).

Getting Boyd/Boyed: When a boy receives behaviour from a girl that is typically reserved to the way boys treat girls (if we are generalizing).

Dinner was so good it deserved a mention. Bestellen – Toronto

As an aside – I had a date last week. It was a setup. He was nothing to write home about. Or blog about. Not a bad guy, just not the right guy. He really didn’t have much to talk about and it seemed that his interests were limited to skiing and computers. The person who set us up – I think she may have based this fixup on the person she knows me as – from a professional context. She was halfway there.

And – some guy on POF has reached out and asked for a date. I suppose I will go.

2 Responses to “Online dating #12! Keep reading for the punchline.”

  1. Steph August 11, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

    What about Boy’d?

    • tamaramontreal August 11, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

      I thought about Boy’d, but then I was concerned that tweeting with the ‘ would be annoying!!

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