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I’m Sorry.

16 Nov

Hello readers.

I made a promise to myself, and therefore to you, that I was going to stay on top of this whole blog thing and well: I’ve been MIA for months!

I’ve been working on a couple of posts and hope to start posting them within the next week.

Sometimes life just gets in the way.



Adventure #8! Remember the time…

7 Aug

I owned a dog for 2.5 days?


I know… It’s because the time passed so quickly that you blinked and you missed it.

Her name was Charlie. She was very cute. We were not a good fit. I had to bring her to the SPCA. It was a very sad weekend for me. It took me a few days and a good old-fashioned therapy session to feel “back to normal.”

I’m not sure whether the shelter didn’t know, or didn’t tell me, but she had clearly had trouble with children because every time we crossed paths with one in the street she would go crazier and crazier… and then she started biting me. Oh jeez. As hard as it was, and as much as I felt like a failure – it was the right thing to do for both of us. Going to the SPCA to bring a pet is so horrifying. Honestly.

So owning a dog is still on my list of things to do, but I’m going to leave it crossed off for now.

I still have to get cracking on teaching a class. I haven’t heard back from any of the schools I applied to.

I am taking two Mondays off work. I’m really excited! On the first Monday, I will go see Star Wars Identities with my dad. The second – SPA: massage that I received as a gift for Valentines Day. Woohoo!!

Adventure #7! Baking and puppies

16 Jul

I had a great week. I spent time with good friends, hosted a brunch for about 18 people and managed to cross two items off my list.

Item #1 – I baked.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, I was gearing up to bake something from scratch for the first time. Now, those who know me know that I am not a patient person. I love to cook, but I don’t like to follow recipes exactly. And I’m not SUPER into sweet foods. Hand me a bag of chips! But I did it. I prepared a wonderful vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles. They were amazing! I might just go eat one for dessert.

Now, I couldn’t do this alone. I would have spent the night on my floor crying and I don’t have the proper mixer. Mom to the rescue. My mom is an excellent cook and baker, but her decorating skills are non-existent so Aunty A to the rescue! Cousin K came along for moral support/sugar sifting/comic relief. What a fun evening.

Here’s how it worked out:

All the ingredients needed for the cupcakes!

We mixed up the batter for the cupcakes:

Cupcake batter.

Then into the cupcake papers they went (they were Mickey Mouse):

Prettying up the cupcakes in the papers.

Don’t forget to make the icing:

Time to make the icing.

Once they were baked and cooled, my Aunty A used her magical skills to create the perfect mounds of buttercream on top of them. I then sprinkled away with my coloured candies and voila! Cupcakes. Amazing. Thanks to my helpers for assisting!

Perfection (and tastes amazing!)

These cupcakes were baked for my birthday brunch that I hosted just yesterday because I have amazing friends and it’s nice to have them all over. My last friend left at 11pm. It was a great day.

Item #2 – Puppy!

Not too much to say yet, I want to get her home first but I have a story in the works about my new friend. Her name is Charlie and she’s an adorable, little rescue dog who was abandoned on moving day. So sad that people can be so cruel to animals. At least drop the dog off at a shelter! Don’t just leave the dog in a field somewhere.

Adventure #6 – Crossing an item off the list!

7 Jul

Well, first – apologies. I’ve honestly been so busy the last little while that I haven’t had the time to post. And now I’ve got a backlog of information stuck in my head and I’m not sure how I’m going to get it all out.

Before leaving on my 11-day business trip journey, I went to see Radiohead with a friend. We had fantastic seats! This was definitely not on my list of things to do when I started this blog – I already had the tickets. But we had a great time!!

Radiohead concert – June 15, 2012

Most importantly: NEWSIES!

Originally, I was supposed to break up a business trip by visiting an old friend in NYC and going to see Newsies with him. Things happen, life changes, we aren’t friends anymore (and really – that’s VERY OK), but there was a brief moment where I feared that I wouldn’t get to see the show. There was also a moment of relief when I checked into my hotel in Boston and there was a package waiting for me. I took a friend to see the show and we had an awesome time in NYC.

What an insane day it was! We left our hotel in Boston at 8am, parked and ready to hit the town at 1pm. There was some major NYC traffic that day with all sorts of streets blocked off.

First stop: Chinatown. Jerky and fried dough balls. And some street food. I will post all about this in my Food section.

Second stop: A new store (I really liked this place) Brooklyn Industries. Did a little shopping. Bought my brother a crazy cat t-shirt. He loves cats though he’s extremely allergic to them. I make fun of him all the time – mostly because I think cats are gross. The t-shirt has cats, it has laser beams. Amazing!

Third stop: Palm Reader. I should have had it on my list. I should add it right now and immediately scratch it off. It’s something I’ve always been curious about. Now, “Esmerelda” (that’s what I’m calling her) had a big sign outside.

You’ll notice that the sign says “No Appointment Needed.” I chose a moment to make a joke. I made myself giggle, and my friend. I have made friends giggle when I told them about it.

Do you know why there’s no appointment needed? Because she knows you’re coming! (Insert laughter here).

Before we went in, we had a lovely chat with some recent high school graduates who go see Esmerelda on a regular basis for guidance about their futures. One girl got a prediction that she would be a designer and now she’s going to an interior design program. Oh my! Esmerelda must have special powers. What’s she going to tell me?? Anyway, my friend went first and I won’t comment about her experience because it’s personal but I’m more than happy to share with you all the things that Esmerelda told me.

I went online before posting today and read about on Palm Reading. If you’re interested in getting some more information in order to read your own palm, click HERE.

Here’s what Esmerelda told me:

    1. That at some point in the last few years I had a difficult time with my parents because I dated someone they didn’t really approve of (True).
    2. That I have a relative I am worried about. That I need to pray for her, but that she will be ok.
    3. That I was a doctor in my past life, but now I work in something creative. That I switched jobs in the last year and have been working very hard, and noticed for my work. That I will have a long career with this company, but that I will move away from Montreal (dun dun dun).
    4. That I need to RELAX. I will get married and have a family. That I need to stop falling in love so quickly.
    5. That I am emotionally unstable, correction, a very sensitive person.
    6. That I’ve been working very hard on personal development.
    7. That I’ve been hurt by love 3 times.
    8. That Sunday is my lucky day and white my lucky colour.

Now let’s be honest. This woman took one look at my lack of wedding-type jewelry and was able to deduce the kinds of things I wanted to hear… but she was fairly accurate and it was so weird!After the palm reading, we bought shoes. There’s nothing better than the feeling of buying a fun pair of shoes. And then we had dinner. AMAZING! Go to Eataly if you are in NYC. I know, mainstream, food network, bla bla… but it was a GREAT meal.

We walked from Chinatown to the Nederlander Theatre. and then NEWSIES!!!!!!

I laughed, I cried, I sang along. I bought a magnet. It’s on my fridge. And when the show was over, I waited outside for the cast to sign my playbill! Woohoo! If you look closely, you can make out Alex Wong’s signature – he’s from So You Think You Can Dance. Amazing!

And then, the worst part of the day. The drive back to Boston. We got back to our hotel at 4:30am. Blarg. What a terrible sleep…

And then I was there for another week. Celebrated my birthday without my family for the first time. My colleagues were so terrific and made me feel very special. And then I got to drive back to Montreal HUNGOVER. Oh that was a terrible drive. Nothing a little pit stop at the Merrimack Premium Outlets can’t fix.

For more adventure news: The cupcake bake-off is on! July 14th. I’ve found a local store where I can buy pretty cupcake wrappers. That should pretty up the paper plates everyone will be eating off of!

And finally, I think I may have found my dog. More to come…

Adventure #5! This isn’t really about adventure……

4 Jun

Warning: This post will not be remotely adventurous, but as life itself is an adventure, I thought I’d put my words here.

Last week was wonderful and CRAZY busy.

This year, I participated in a Leadership Development Program. We met once a month and had various topics to discuss, guest lecturers, and more. It was a wonderful experience where I met like-minded people with whom I now share wonderful memories. We had our graduation last Wednesday and I made myself cry. At the start of the course we wrote ourselves letters and at the last session, we were given those letters to read to ourselves. This is what I wrote to myself back in September:

Dear Tamara

Congratulations on it being one year from now (I didn’t know when we were getting them back). You’ve used this time to develop skills and also nurture relationships that will take you to the next stage in your life. Hopefully you’ve decided what part of the community interests you the most and will be taking an active role. Also, after stepping away slightly from Judaism, I hope this year has brought you closer to something that would have made Zayda very proud of you Non-course related – get engaged or something. That would be nice. But back to the course, as all things are new right now professionally as well, use what you learn at work.

Love you, me.

It’s funny, because when I was handed the letter the only thing I remembered writing myself was that stupid sentence about being engaged. I mean, it was a nice wish I suppose, but was definitely unrealistic at the time. I may as well have written that I was hoping to be 5’5 before the class was over. Also unattainable. I was pretty peeved that I didn’t remember writing any of those other things because they were pretty meaningful. And they all came true. I do like myself. I’ve nurtured relationships, I’ve become more engaged within my community and I know that my Zayda would be very proud of the person that I am. And I even got to put some things to use at work.

So to the me I was 8 months ago – you were pretty cool, pretty fun, damn smart. Now you’re just awesome.

Adventure #4! Something other than dating.

22 May

The adventure part of my life has been lacking a little bit, but I’m setting some things up in order to be able to check off some items on my list this summer.

1. Newsies tickets are booked. On June 23rd, I’ll be making that wish come true and I am very excited! I have to be out of town for work for the better part of two weeks, and so I’ll be making a quick trip in and out of NYC in order to see the show. This 24 hours has the potential to be good, great, or completely catastrophic! More to follow if necessary.

2. Cake baking. I’m throwing myself a birthday brunch this year. No crazy night on the town that I don’t remember and that takes me 3 days to recover from. I’m thinking bagels, lox, cream cheese, mimosas, frittatas, and CUPCAKES! I’m giving myself a goal. By mid-July I will have made my first set of cupcakes – with icing decor. No Betty Crocker allowed. I went to one of my FAVOURITE sites: Food52 and chose THIS recipe. I don’t like chocolate, so this seems like a great starter. Plus, I am a sucker for sprinkles.

3. Dogs. I still want a Mini Schnauzer. I check on a weekly basis to see what’s out there. Every time I see someone walking their Mini Schnauzer on the street I want to knock them over and steal their dog. I’m hoping to have one by September.

4. Teaching classes. I’ve applied to teach several classes and I’m waiting to hear back. I am hoping that I will have one class under my belt within the next year. In fact, I’m printing out a second application and posting it today!

As an aside, I really dislike Katherine Heigel. I’ve made this statement before, and I’m sure many of you share the sentiment with me, but really. She sucks. She ruins relationships. Changes what people believe should be reality. Movies are NOT reality and she sucks. I’m currently watching Killers, because it’s on TV and gives some background noise. Sorry to Aunty A and T – I know you love her. I. Do. Not. Her movies also suck. Starring in a movie with her could be a career killer. Her husband is good looking though…

5. When I go on my business trip to the US, I will buy myself a good pair of running shoes. No sense in buying them here when I can get them for way cheaper in the US. Then I will run. Sounds like procrastination… It is!

And while, it’s not on my list of things to do, I took a Burlesque dance class on Saturday at my friend’s bachelorette party. I’m afraid that I’ve confirmed I will never be a Burlesque dancer, or a stripper… I’m really just not graceful in the least! But I did it. Nothing too sexy about a dozen women sweating in a dark room with no a/c. We all went home and scrubbed our feet afterwards.

Please comment – good or bad! I don’t want to feel like I am writing to myself. That’s what my diary is for.

Adventure #3! Adventure update.

29 Apr

So I started this blog in March, and I’ve scratched one item off the list and added five. It appears that I need to start crossing things off the list or I’ll never catch up! Work has been so crazy and that’s not an excuse for not keeping up with all the excitement I am supposed to start experiencing…

Also – I’ve been skipping the gym and eating too much bread, rice and pasta. But I am making the commitment to start treating myself better as of tomorrow. I have a bridesmaid’s dress to fit into in a month, and I’ll have trouble doing it if I keep eating crap!

I'm going to pretend that's me enjoying a run by the beach that's right next to my house.

To update on my adventure items, I have a friend who’s a runner. He’s participated in marathons and even a triathlon! He’s thinking about starting some sort of side business that is connected with running, so I have volunteered to be his guinea pig and he will teach me how to run. When I go to Boston for work the next time, I will pick up a proper pair of running shoes. Plus it has to stop SNOWING! I’d like to learn to run when it’s above 0 and I can wear a t-shirt. There’s no way I’d be comfortable running in the cold, or rain, yucky.

I’ve gone online, and I’ve discovered there are MANY sites devoted to Guy Fieri’s Triple D. I’m trying to create a route through New England – a road trip that can be done during a long weekend and doesn’t involve getting on an airplane and spending too much $$. I’ve got a whole bunch of friends who are interested in joining and I say – the more the merrier! I will pick the weekend that works best and hopefully we’ll be at least one car full of people.

For the dating – I haven’t been doing too much of it, and I’m working on a new post because honestly – I never cease to be amazed by the complete morons that are allowed to breathe the same air as me.

For something fun – I suggest reading the following: The Grandma Letter. This nice little Nonna took the time to write her granddaughter a loving letter full of sage advice about how to handle men. If you don’t have a laugh, then I am sorry but you have no sense of humour.

Also – I’m getting VERY tired of talk radio. The only thing people in Montreal have to talk about lately is the student strike and while it’s certainly important the only thing it accomplishes is getting me in a rage and all worked up. If only I didn’t spend hours a week in the car.

Finally – I saw a REALLY funny movie last night Think Like a ManI read Steve Harvey’s book about 3 years ago after I saw him on Oprah and laughed so hard that I started crying. I had low expectations for this film, but I had read some really great and surprising reviews. If you have a chance, go see it. You will laugh hard and maybe learn a thing or two. If you’ve already read the book, you probably won’t learn much, but there are plenty of good looking people to stare at and it’s VERY funny (which I’ve mentioned more than once in this short paragraph). This movie taught me that if I am a COO I might find myself a talented chef who will put roses all over my bed and feed me while we lounge on the floor… apparently the bed isn’t comfortable.

Please comment – good or bad! I don’t want to feel like I am writing to myself. That’s what my diary is for.